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The Author

Lenore Wossidlo lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Paul, her sons, Karl Joseph (KJ) and Paul Joseph (PJ), and her cats. Her wanting to share her positive attitude about autism is the inspiration for this book.

She has been an advocate for autism for many years—going to the Harrisburg to march on the steps of the capitol building when Pennsylvania wanted to make changes to the medical assistance for special needs. She has walked in many walk-a-thons for autism and has spoken to many police departments and associations about autism and emergency responders. She is open about her son’s autism, helping to promote awareness about the characteristics and offering suggestions to use in different situations to produce a positive outcome. Lenore believes there are many reasons why she and Paul have a son with autism.

Her inspiration for writing comes from her late grandfather, Dr. Joseph H. Greenberg. Her determination and persistence in life comes from her late mother, Sylvia G. Sadwick.