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The Book

KJ’s Autism . . .

A Mother’s Inspiration

KJ’s Autism . . .: A Mother’s Inspiration is written from the heart. Shortly after KJ was diagnosed, I read a book about two brothers, one with autism. The book, of which I do not remember the name, was written from the viewpoint of the typical brother and how his brother with autism inspired him and taught him many things in life.

This book is written to inspire you, to show you the ups and downs of autism, and to let you know that I believe you can overcome the challenges of raising a child with autism.

What helped me? To talk about the challenges and the successes, to offer ideas to help other families. I have always been open about KJ’s autism, especially in public. I will use sign language in public because this is a form of communication for KJ. Seeing sign language can also help people realize that there is a special situation that I am handling in public.

Questions, comments, concerns? I welcome you to e-mail me at I am also on Facebook. Enjoy reading about our autism journey and learning about some of the tools that have helped us through our journey.